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Pre-Launch Marketing Efforts That You Should Consider

There are more than 3 million applications available online today. And still the buzz is going on. In order to make the task simpler, the users download applications in their devices. But do you know how much it takes for the applications to create that was among the users? Well, it is not at all easier for the companies to launch a perfect application that can you create an excitement among the users. In order to make the task simpler there are 10 pre-launch marketing efforts that can be taken into consideration. Yes with the help of these strategies one can easily derive downloads for the mobile apps on the launch date.

Marketing the application has become a necessary factor than ever. Even, according to the reports and statistics available online, there are more than 3 million unique applications available online. But if the application is not even able to gain the attraction of the user then it will not stand amongst others.

10 steps for creating a pre-launch marketing strategy for the application


Research your users and competitors

First of all, it is necessary for you to research about the users and the competitors. With the help of the demographic data of the users, it will become easier for you to visualize exactly about the users you are willing to reach. Each audience is having different needs and usage on the basis of their requirements. Along with this, it is necessary to research about your competition so that you can understand how the users are interesting with the applications like yours.


Start early

It is important for you to start the marketing early. You are suggested to start at the development stage. Awareness will start getting built up slowly and it will reach its peak at the launch date. You should pick up your channels and stay consistent to build up the interest.


Create a website for your app

Along with application, you should also create a website. A website will prove to be a hub for your pre-launch application marketing strategy. In fact; there are several other ways through which you can display about your application to the potential users.


Start a blog

With the help of the blog you can easily update your growing fan base and attract more and more users. Even, with the help of Google keyword planner you can easily maximize your SEO ranking as it will help you in conducting the keyword research.


Connect with email marketing

Email marketing is also one of the easy and cheapest manners to sustain the interests with the user.With the help of the blog posts and bi-weekly newsletters, you can easily send subscribers latest details about your application.


Create buzz with social media

It is necessary for you to create a buzz among the users regarding your application. For this, you can easily take help of the social media platforms.


Prepare a press kit

Prepare a press kit as it will prove to be a one-stop resource for the influences and the journalists as well. With the help of this, the journalists will get to know each and everything about application and they will feel easy to write about the same.


Reach out to influencers

Try to communicate with the influencers. With the help of the influence and adjustments you can easily skyrocket the pre-launchhype for your application.


Call for beta testers

Beta testers play an important role in healthcare applications to empower yourapplication. It helps you in empowering the pre as well as the post launch app marketing strategy. While dealing with the companies providing the app marketing services important for you to take a deep analysis regarding the beta testers


Optimize your app store listing

Finally it is important for you to optimize your app store listing. Here people decide whether to buy your app or not. It is necessary for you to optimize the key areas of your app store listing. Your application name must describe the functions and it should tell your story the visuals must be strong and keywords should be optimized.

These are the pointers that you can take into consideration for having a winning pre-launch app marketing strategy.

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