What is Social Media? Some Common Features in Social Media

Some Common Features in Social Media

Social media denotes the applications and websites which are developed for the sake of people to share information efficiently, quickly & in real-time. Most of the people state social media as the application on their tablet or Smartphone, however, the reality is, and communication tool starts with the aid of computers. However, this kind of misconception occurs from the fact that media users use their tools through applications. The ability to share events, photos, opinions, etc in real-time has changed the way we survive and also, the way how we do business.

The retailers who make use of this social media for marketing strategy have got measurable results and it has become an integral part of the business. For having successful social media, you must not consider it as additional appendage rather you need to treat it with the utmost respect, care, and attention so that you can do all marketing efforts on your own.

Social media is said to be a collection of various online communication channels that are committed for community-based input, content-sharing & collaboration and interaction. Applications and websites dedicated to wikis, social curation, social bookmarking, social networking, micro blogging, and forums are various kinds of social media.

Some important examples of social media

Here are some examples mentioned about social media website. Some of them are:

  • Twitter

It is a free microblogging site which makes the registered members to easily broadcast small posts known as tweets. The twitter members could broadcast the tweets & follow up other user’s tweets by making use of multiple devices and platforms.

  • Facebook

It is a famous social networking site which let the registered user develop profiles,upload video and photos, send messages & have touch with friends, colleagues, and family.

  • Linkedin

It is one of the social networking sites developed particularly for the sake of business people. The main objective of this website is to make registered members to set-up & document network of users they know and believe professionally.

  • Google+ (Closed)

It was developed to replicate the way how people tend to interact offline frequently than another kind of social networking services. However, this site is not provided for the new users anymore and planning to close the remaining Google plus accounts by 2019.

  • Reddit

It is another social media site & forum developed for curating stories socially and promoted by the members of the site. The website composed of plenty of sub-communities called as the sub reddits. Every sub reddit possess a specific topic called as music, politics or technology. The site members of Reddit are otherwise called as redditors. They can submit content and it can be voted by other members as well. The objective is to consider the well-regarded stores on the website topmost page.

  • Pinterest

It is a social media site developed for sharing & categorizing images online. Pinterest needed small description; however, the prime focus is visual appearance. By clicking on the image, you will be directed to its original source. For instance, pointing the picture of bags will redirect the users to buying website.

Some Common Features in Social Media

  1. Profile pages: As social media involves everything in communication, this page is quite often important to identify an individual & allocate them spacing to develop their personal brand. It usually incorporates information regarding individual user including recent activity, website, recent posts feed recommendations, bio, profile photo and many more.
  2. Newsfeed: Whenever a user tends to view other users at the social media website, they basically used to get information about them. However, the information will be updated on the news feed in real-time.
  3. Personal user accounts: If the website lets visitors develop their own accounts which they can usually log into then it is a good sign that there is user-based interaction happening through social interaction. Moreover, it is quite helpful to share data or interact easily with others anonymously online.
  4. Personalization: Social media websites usually offer the user with the flexibility to organize their user-settings, configure their followers or friends, customize their profile in a specific manner, manage the data they view in news-feed and even provide feedback and so on.
  5. Information updating, posting or saving: If an app or website let you post anything absolutely, with /without the personal account, then it is social? It might be just text-based message, a YouTube video, a photo upload, a link to an article or any other things.
  6. Notifications: Any app or site which informs the user regarding specific information certainly plays the social media game. User must have complete control on these notifications & can prefer to get the notification type whichever they need.
  7. Comment sections and like buttons: Two essential ways through which we interact on the social media portal are like and comment button with which we can able to share our opinions.
  8. Review, voting or rating system: Apart from commenting and liking, plenty of social media websites and applications depend on the collaborative effort of the entire community to vote, rate and review on information which they understand about or have been used.
  9. Friends, groups, hash tags, followers & so on: Individuals have an account to quickly connect with other users. It can be used by them for subscribing to specific forms of information.

Business apps on social media

As told previously, social media has turned out to be an essential segment of life and both social website & app proliferate considerably. Most of the conventional online media platform incorporates social elements like comment field for the users. For business, social media is used for marketing products, promoting brands, connecting with current customers and bring new business.

  • Social Media Analytics

It is known to be the practice of collecting information from social media websites and blogs & predicting that data for creating business decisions. The general usage of social media analytics is to consider customer sentiment for supporting customer and marketing service activities.

  • Social CRM

It is abbreviated as customer relationship marketing and considered to be the most powerful business tool. For instance, setting up a fan page facilitates populace who like your product brand & the way how you conduct business for liking the page, create a specific venue for the sake of communication, networking, and marketing. With the aid of social media websites, you can able to follow conversations regarding the product brand market data & feedback real time.

  • Enterprise Social networking

It allows a business to link individuals who can able to share the same business activities or interests. On the other hand, social tools are quite purposeful for employees to access resources and information they want to work collaboratively together & solve business issues. The public social media platform assists the organizations to stay closer with clients & make it highly easier to do research to improve business operation and processes.

  • SMM

Social media marketing reaps advantage from social networking to assist a company to improve brand exposure & broaden customer reach. The main objective is to develop compelling content which users can share with social networks. One of the main constituents of the SMM is SMO or Social media optimization. Similar to the SEO, the SMO is also the best strategy for creating unique and new visitors for the website. SMO can be accomplished in a dual manner either by including social media links in the content with sharing buttons and RSS feeds or else by promoting the activity via social media through blog posts, tweets and status updates.

  • Crowdsourcing

Social media is usually preferred for the sake of crowdsourcing. Users can make use of social networking websites to provide ideas on future products or else to tweak the present ones. In any of the IT projects, crowdsourcing involves blending and engaging business & IT services from a mixture of external and internal providers, sometimes with the help of input from clients or the public.

Thus, the addition of a social media network to the business world seems to be a tedious task. Social media policies are developed to set expectations for specific behavior & make sure that all employee posts will not reveal the company to legal issues or public embarrassment.

Future of Social Media

It is quite hard to analyze anything correctly but one thing will be declared regarding the social media future is that it will be less noisy and more personalized. However, over-sharing will turn out to be less problematic & eliminating unwanted information will be a stronger trend. Snapchat is known to be the effectual social media platform which stands at the forefront of other social media evolution. Instead of spreading updates for all of your followers and friends to view, we make use of the Snapchat more to communicate with specific people in real life at a specific time


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